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    new box activated , after few minutes it request for upgrade to latest version.
    after the upgrade installed the box could not boot and the led is always white color .
    holding recovery button did not help and rescue menu did not appear on screen .
    tried new power supply the same issue
    holding the rescue button for longer time as well not helping
    what other options can be done to bring back the box allive again.
    thank you .

    hi ,
    there is problem with subtitles
    1- live iptv channels with subtitle does not play and not showing the subtitles when selected
    2- vod movies with multi subtitles works fine but when exiting a movie if the sentence of subtitle was displayed when pressing exit then the last subtitle displated freeze on the scren even if we leave the app , only a reboot can solve.

    kindly if you can fix the sub is not working .
    and this is creating problem activating new boxes .
    admin please add an option skip activation so when your website is down we can still start a new box and enter details manually.

    hope you will fix the issue soon

    the App still does not sync in a proper way .
    if the channel changed order in list it does not sync the right location.
    if a new channel added, the app add the new stream at the end of the list and not in the proper location

    this is an important bug and still not fixed,
    if the line is deleted and re added it pull fine correctly , so your app has issue when sync it does not rewrite the new list properly.

    you can test on any server simply ask the panel owner to change any stream location and u will find out your bug. :thumbup:

    xtream connection is exactly similar to enigma2 stb connection.
    while in panels xtreamtv is added by mac user .
    so if you can add mac to xtream connection or add new connection with mac different then stalker protocol .
    as all xtream panel has this option to create xtream user with mac.
    thank you