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    Build 185

    • DreamTV: 1.0.262
    • Update Signal-R library from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 (Improve exception handling for Signal-R connections)
    • Fix application crash if try to load a category without channels inside
    • Fix application crash when internal weak listeners are handled from concurrent threads
    • Update leanback androidx library from 1.1.0-alpha2 to 1.1.0-alpha3
    • Fix application crash if the update service is not responding
    • Fix application crash if app is closing while the menu is appearing
    • Fix application crash if try to start a corrupted android application
    • Fix application crash if try to open VOD context menu when no items are available
    • Fix application crash if try to navigate from the infobar in a category without channels
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    Build 199

    • DreamTV: 1.0.266
    • Fix enigma2 provider labels
    • Fix enigma2 session issue with OpenWebif
    • Improve H265, MPEG4 and MPEG2 decoding performances
    • Improve redirect detection on stalker protocol
    • Fix application crash if picon image is corrupted
    • Add changelog visualization for updates

    DreamTV Updates: 1.0.13

    • Internal security improvement
    • Add support for changelog
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    Build 204

    • DreamTV: 1.0.267
    • Improve stalker exception handler with invalid URLs
    • Improve detect reason of login failed with stalker
    • Fix time in channels list to follow the correct 12/24 format based on user locale
    • Show program info after press Info button even if infobar is not visible
    • Fix crash on boot if sync job not start due a deep standby
    • Regenerate main security keys if entropy key is lost

    • Add Ministra Portal protocol
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    Build 214

    • DreamTV: 1.1.274
    • Fix sporadic crash when refresh now/next in live channels view
    • Add more discrete message when a stream doesn't work
    • Don't show VPN status if not configured
    • Add parental control
    • Fix deinterlace filter sometimes is not applied
    • Fix background job scheduler (keep sure to schedule only 1 task)
    • Fix reload channels (items don't disappear anymore during loading)
    • Fix reload channel after a manual sync
    • Fix input dialog sometimes doesn't hide correctly
    • Improve stalker authentication mechanism
    • Improve detection http redirect with stalker and ministra protocol
    • Improve Cloud Server websocket errors handling
    • Add TV Shows to stalker VOD synchronization
    • Add missing provider logos
    • Fix "password" label in ministra settings
    • Add support for STB pairing to ministra protocol
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    Build 221

    • DreamTV: 1.2.282
    • Improve stream buffer for live streams
    • Fix Xtream XMLTV url generation
    • Fix Xtream streaming url generation
    • Fix subtitles don't correctly detected
    • Use mediacodec as internal clock
    • Add support for streams over SSL
    • Add stream info in VOD infobar
    • Fix db v16 migration crash if foreign key are violated
    • Add stream info in live OSD infobar
    • Ensure that the stream is stopped before start a new stream
    • Fix streaming server detection on Xtream protocol
    • Increase analyse duration time for better detect streams
    • Fix wait to play until the buffer is ready
    • Improve thread handling for parallel processing tasks
    • Improve stalker portal EPG
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    Build 224

    • DreamTV: 1.3.285
    • Fix channels and categories ordering after sync
    • Fix crash for VOD served as live channels
    • Rebuild ffmpeg with some optimizations
    • Update gradle
    • Update copyright
    • Update player library
    • Revert back from mediacodec clock to internal clock
    • Enable frame drop
    • Minor configuration fixes
    • Fix time syncing for some videos
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    Build 280

    DreamTV: 1.4.297
    - Fix parental control check in live channels - Update to gradle 3.6.3 - Add support for hidden configurations
    - Fix resolution change in wizard
    - Add suggest in wizard for 50/60hz configuration
    - New language and time menu for wizard
    - Add french translation
    - Add portuguese translation
    - Add dutch translation
    - Add russian translation
    - Add search for Live channels and for VOD
    - Reduce time for reconnecting to cloud server after an error
    - Handle HOME button for go in launcher mode when pressed
    - Fix width for time in channels list view
    - Fix null pointer exception in activation wizard
    - New scheduler for background sync
    - Improve sync routine
    - Add manual sync in context menu for live and vod
    - Fix mac address sometimes is not detected
    - Correctly clear old error messages when new VOD start
    - Restored normal channel load at startup
    - Wait for connection (and VPN if enabled) before load sources
    - Add support for Amlogic player engine
    - Update exo player library
    - Better SurfaceView recycle
    - Add preferred stream type in Xtream configuration
    - Minor optimizations
    - Reduce server load request when fast scroll on VOD
    - Add proguard rules for background jobs
    - Fix M3U from file will be deleted if synced more the once

    DreamTV Settings: 1.0.8
    - Apply Amlogic changes to Display Manager

    DreamTV Updates: 1.0.14
    - Fix build number detect crash if not correctly formatted