• so.... I helped myself, but I share the same, maybe it can be useful to someone else. As I wrote the update with OTA method or USB + recovery button method works only if you update to a higher version, while it does not make updates to a previous version. So even if it didn't work for me at first try, I use the procedure with AML's USB BURNING TOOL. One thing to be careful is that with this procedure (there is video on you toube or guide also in this forum) you need to use a FULL IMAGE RECOVERY file cannot use the image files contained in the OTA update or usb recovery folders present. in the download section of this forum. The full image I found is very old and it's version 184. Once I loaded this, I then updated with the classic OTA method to version 297. And the connection with eniogma2 is back working. To find the full image use google AND SEARCH miniultrahd-img-00000184-userdebug-dev-keys.zip Hope this will helpful for someone in the future.

  • You just used the wrong way.

    Put the OTA file on an usb stick. Make sure you use the usb 2 port and not the usb 3

    usb 3 port is blue inside.

    After you have attached the usbstick start the box if it's not allready running.

    In the Menu fint the Upgarde menu. Chose upgrade (OTA) from file

    And all should work just fine with the downgrade.