Enigma2 - Recordings

  • I'm struggling too - first to get the DM920UHD registered as no satellite- or DVB-T2 channels was available, only recorded files was available and I was able to play the recordings.

    I solved this by downgrading to to ver. 2.97 and re-add the Dreambox as source, as advised in another thread, but no recorded files shown anymore???

    Then OTA upgraded to ver. 303, TV channels still working but still no recorded files shown and just auto-updated to ver. 307, TV channels still works yet still but no recorded files shown.

    I'm able to access the files via the app Mediacenter player --> DLNA_DMP and choose the "DM920 Mediaserver" as shown on the list to the right, then "Video" and "Recordings" - however the files will only play, no fast forward or backward then the files fails with: "Sorry, This Video Cannot be Played!" which you can only accept by clicking on "I Know".

    Accordingly to other threads, these issues has be ongoing for quite some time, why hasn't this been solved yet?

    I would expect the DreamTV to be at least 100% compatible with the Dreambox while I can live with other app issues as Netflix etc.

    Thanks, Mike