EPG not loading

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    • EPG not loading



      The epg only loads for 1% of channels.
      Xtream works better than m3u.

      Error is empty value for @org.simpleframework.xml.element(data...on dreamtv mini ultra hd)

      How can i help debug this issue?
    • New

      I tried a different m3u list, it works better :)

      I guess you just need to try different lists, and test difference between adding source as "m3u list" or "xtream"

      Thanks :)
    • New

      I get the same error (@org.simpleframework.xml.element(data...on dreamtv mini ultra hd)) with may providers

      Why does this happen? Can i help?

      It would be great if this could get fixed, I have tried 5+ providers, and have not found one with a Working EPG and picons

      Thanks :)