Unable to Factory reset

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    • Unable to Factory reset

      Since I'm having trouble installing apps, and the box refuses to move existing apps to any SD card I put in the device, I figured a factory reset would be a good idea.
      The procedure is simply to insert a pin into the reset hole while powering on, right?
      I do that - and get the screen as in the attched shot, select wipe data/factory reset - but nothing happens.
      When I reboot the device, it just restarts as normal.
      Is there another way to reset the device?
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    • Hey, as far as I understand the procedure, you need to have a USB recovery from the DreamTV Image site after deleting the stuff in the bootloader.

      On my dreamTV some stuff does not recover. An example is the following thread ...

      Nevertheless I use 185, which has the above problem. Also, I am unable to set a german keyboard layout.
      I tried 280 and 279 (beta) so far, but both have bugs, I can not live with plus the above things :).

      From my point of view, 185 is the most stable one with the least performance issues.