Video playing is not fluent

  • Hey all,

    with the 280 firmware update my Videos from the NAS play not fluent.
    I tried the following players via aptoideTV:
    - Nova Video Player 4.48.4-20200510.1202
    - VLC for Andorid (the one with 4.0 rating, the other with 4.5 rating does not work properly for me) 3.3.0 beta 4

    via the proposed link from the firmware in the app overview (suggested App), I tried
    - Kodi Leia 18.4

    All Videos work fine with the same video players on firmware 183, 185.
    They are only not well played with 280 ... :( :( :(

    Can someone confirm that problem?

    Best Regards

  • so that;s yet another problem for the 280 firmware. My suggestion is don't update to 280 version and if you do go back to the previous version (that's 279).
    We're still waiting on problems to get resolved and hopefully new firmware will come out soon!

  • Hey guys,

    Firmware 279 works fine. Thx!

    I did not test firmware 279 completely, but some older Videos do not show a picture:
    Video format is 416p and 400p . I tried all the above Video players from my first post.

    I stick to firmware 185 again. All my Videos are played here ok.
    Maybe the next update can help here.