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    • Hello

      I am new here and would like to report about my experiences of the last weeks with the box. At the beginning I would like to say that I think that the box and the purchase was a good decision, because it has potential and will hopefully improve after some initial difficulties.

      What I find disappointing so far are the EPG problems, where I just don't understand on which side the problem lies, I can only describe it in this way, what I have found so far and what I have read so far here in the forums.

      Today I've uploaded the update 1.5 (298) in the hope that it works this time, but unfortunately as usual, only partial EPG and mostly none. At least the APP crashes are less and the eternal restart when trying to set up the source after restarting the box seems to be fixed.

      But with the initial version, when I set up the box, it worked fine with EPG. If I'm not mistaken it was the 204 build when the world was still ok. There I had only a few programs that didn't have EPG, most of them were available.

      I also had correspondence with my provider, who assured me several times that there are no problems with the EPG, which you can believe, because when I install apps like SMART IPTV or IPTV Smartes Pro on the BOX and test, the EPG is actually present.

      I am using XTREAM Setup, it is also possible to enter the URL for EPG, my provider has given me the URL and the user + password, but still unchanged - no EPG with the DREAM TV APP no matter what I set Xstream to first or internally.

      My error and the last status is like many others here in the forum as follows: empty value for @org.simpleframework.xml.element(data...on dream tv miniultrahd)

      It can't be that many people here feel the same way and that the problem is with all the providers? Are there some users here from Germany, with whom EPG works perfectly?

      I have recommended this box several times in the meantime and many have bought it because of my recommendation, it would be a pity if I had to change my opinion. Thanks!
    • Habe die selben EPG Probleme wie du.
      Interner EPG zeigt zwar das korrekte Program aber in einer sehr seltsamen Sprache.
      Da der Support hier so schlecht ist wurde die Frage von mir damals auch nicht beantwortet.